Who Is Dominion Through Love?

Dominion Through Love Ministries got its name from a sermon that Mark Ellis did in 2014. Mark spoke about God giving us dominion when God first created us. 

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3 Days

This training course that will not only teach you to help others but also about who you are in Christ.

2 Days

This is a 2 day training course on the Holy Spirit. Introducing Him as a Person of the God Head

1 Day

Jesus taught and deomonstrated the Kingdom of Heaven. The Keys To The Kingdom is an introduction to the Kingdom of God.


When you partner with DTLM, you are among an extraordinary group of people, who stand together with DTLM to see more lives changed through the message of God’s Kingdom being established here on Earth. Your faithful support helps Dominion Through Love to reach the world with the Gospel truth through you. You can contact us on whats App: 078 575 5522 or email us on contactus@dtlm.org.za

Media and Resources

DTLM has a variety of resources and media that you can purchase, by going to the Shop to purchase them.  

DTLM has podcasts on various platforms that you can listen to  teachings from Mark Ellis and Megan Harry-Lockley.  Mark Ellis hosts a Radio program on Rainbow Gospel Radio Called Limitless. Every Sunday at 2 pm is church on line, and you can find us on YouTube.

 These are all free.  

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